In this weekly meme, alternately hosted by Marg and Eva, we get to share our ecstasy over our library books.

Libraries have been a special place for me since I got my first library card at eight years of age.  That library shared one-half of a building with the old Post Office in the little country village near my childhood home.

Over the years, I remember so many of those libraries.  There was the one in a west Fresno County town, out in the middle of nowhere, that stood like a beacon of civility in an otherwise arid land…both physically and culturally.  That particular library was actually very nice, which surprised and delighted me.  It was even open on Sundays!

Nowadays, I live near a wonderful library, built in recent years.  I had gotten out of the library habit, though, having purchased so many books over the past few years that I now have TOWERS of unread books, otherwise known as my TBR Stacks.  But after discovering this wonderful meme, I have returned to my roots!

Here’s what I found today:

Magnolia Wednesday, by Wendy Wax, was a book I requested, which got me to the library.  By the author of An Accidental Bestseller, this book tells the story of a woman, fighting to make it in investigative journalism, who is side-lined by a bullet won during an expose…and then forced to take what she considers a horrible job for a suburban paper in her hometown in Georgia…

Then I discovered two more books:

The Greenlanders, by Jane Smiley, Pulitzer Prize winning author, who has created a saga about a sprawling, multi-generational, heroic Norse family…

and The Sweetest Dream, by Doris Lessing, the author of The Golden Notebook, et. al., tells about a family in the sixties…set against the backdrop of the decade that changed the world forever…a riveting look at a group of people who dared to dream—and faced the inevitable cleanup afterward—from one of the greatest writers of our time.

What treasures have you plumbed from the depths of a library near you?  Hope to see your comments and links!  Happy reading.

2 thoughts on “LIBRARY LOOT

  1. I’ve been to a lot of different libraries over the years, but now I’m back in my home town and using the same library I used as a child. the layout has changed, but I can still picture it as it was then, and pinpoint where my favourite books were.

    I’ve had a copy of The Greenlanders tucked away for ages, but it just looks so vast. I’ll be interested to know how you get on with it. Dorothy Lessing too – she’s one of those authors I’ve been thinking for a while I really should read.

    Enjoy your books!


    • Thanks for stopping by, fleurfisher…I haven’t read either of these authors in awhile…but I recall really enjoying them.

      I read Lessing’s The Golden Notebook many years ago, and it was very LONG. I bought it recently (the one I read was from the library) and I’m planning to reread it.

      If you want to start with something of Smiley’s, I recommend A Thousand Acres.


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