A HEART AND HOME IN DISREPAIR — A Review of “Home Repair”

It was just supposed to be an ordinary day, beginning with a garage sale. But for Eve, nothing about the day unfolds the way it’s supposed to do. For one thing, the potential buyers start showing up at 6 a.m., her husband Chuck won’t get out of bed to help out, and then, when he finally does get up, he goes out to run an errand—and doesn’t come back.

Thus begins the tale of one woman’s series of disappointing events—from ordinary daily life to the traumas of a house and heart in disrepair, Eve must learn to negotiate the tasks, handle friendships with eccentric new people in her life, and deal with her own aging mother’s decline.

Somehow Rosenberg is able to present these life moments in such a charming and poignant way, with humor and wisdom, that we begin to expect the unexpected, much the same way that life deals out these moments; and in the end, we discover that, since life is short enough, we might as well enjoy the happiness when it comes to us.

Thoroughly engaging and impossible to put down, Home Repair is a memorable foray into the pitfalls of ordinary life.

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