Welcome to my Blog, and welcome to February!

This month is one of my favorites, for lots of reasons.

First, even though it doesn’t have the same celebratory feeling as it used to have—back when I was working at a full-time career—we have the President’s Day holiday.

Then, my two granddaughters (my only two!) have birthdays this month.  One on the 13th and the other on the 21st.  The same year, too!  Imagine that.  Dedicated to these two, I have a blog called Snow Impressions, which features a photo of them taken in the snow during a vacation at Big Bear (near LA).  The two girls were seven that year (and this year they’ll be thirteen!).

How time flies!

One of the girls lives here in Fresno, and the other lives in LA.  A couple of summers ago, I had the two of them visiting me during the same week.  That was fun!

With their busy lives, there is less and less time for these occasions.  But the blog and the header featuring them helps me remember those special moments.

Oh…and the other thing I like about February is how short the month is…less time between paydays!  LOL.

Because there would be no other reason for me to celebrate the galloping of Time.  Certainly not at my age when I have so much more to do yet!

Another blog here is my go-to site for documenting my progress through my TBR stacks, which is moving right along, BTW.  That blog is CURL UP AND READ.

Now I must get back to reading…and later, I’ll be working on my manuscript.

Hope you’ll stop by and share your own explorations.


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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