SENTIMENTALITY — A Review of “Same Time Next Year”

When this movie came out, I loved it! In fact, I listened to the music from Johnny Mathis (“The Last Time I Felt Like This”) over and over.

In this movie, the premise seems trite. A couple meets, spends a weekend together, and that’s it. But it isn’t, and this particular couple, played by Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn, decides to meet again the “same time next year.” And then, over the next couple of decades, we see the two of them connect again and again. We watch them as they grow and change—sometimes she grows more than he, and sometimes vice versa.

We’re kind of rooting for them to get together, but we also know, on some level, that if this relationship were to become permanent, it would change…irrevocably.

I love the pairing of these two actors, and the theme music from Johnny Mathis evokes so many emotions in me…from that time. It transports me back to what was happening in my own life.

A memorable movie that touches on emotions and reminds us that it’s the moments in life that are most memorable.

4 thoughts on “SENTIMENTALITY — A Review of “Same Time Next Year”

  1. I love this film too and enjoyed your review. The first time I watched it, a good few years ago, was late at night on the day before my birthday, so that when I started watching I was 26 and by the time the film ended I was 27. This really heightened the feeling of passing of time! I also love the theme song.


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