“Show us your true colors, who you used to be.”

This is the challenge posed to the patriarch of the Grey family, by the oldest daughter Winona—at a pivotal moment in their lives— and when he responded by slamming the door to his study, making himself an island, separate and alone, she knew. He had chosen not to care about the things that mattered to his daughters.

Thus comes the beginning of the end to this family saga. The three sisters, joined by family connections and the wish of their dying mother that they never forget that they are sisters…Connected by their heritage and their history, these three—Winona, the oldest, a well-known attorney, who is always seeking (and seldom receiving) her father’s approval; Aurora, the family peacemaker; and Vivi Ann, the undisputed star of the family, the one to whom everything seemingly comes easily—until that time when a stranger comes to town.

When Vivi Ann falls for the handsome, dangerous-appearing man who has become their ranch hand, she is already engaged to Luke— the love of Winona’s life—and settled into an acceptable plan for her own future. Marriage, children—all of the things she supposedly wants—but instead, she walks the dangerous path of defiance and runs off with her lover.

Dallas Raintree, half-Indian with a juvenile history of assaults and thefts, strikes a discordant note in all of their lives. For Winona, especially—since her unrequited love for Luke is now a possibility, if only Vivi Ann leaves him for another. But when Winona manipulates things so that Luke discovers the betrayal, she is totally unprepared for the consequences that will ripple through all of their lives for years to come.

For the joining of Dallas and Vivi Ann is not the end of anything. It is the beginning of a lifetime for Vivi Ann of being on the outside of the approval her father cares so much about.

And when something happens that wrests away the happiness the two lovers had sought—something outside the law—the pair spends many years apart, wronged by the judgment of a town and the small-minded law enforcement investigation that rushes to judgment.

Will Winona finally come through for her sister and the “wronged” lover? Can she find a resolution that will turn aside a conviction?

True Colors is a magnificent portrayal of family dynamics that shift and turn as destiny unfolds. A memorable and thought-provoking voyage to a satisfying conclusion.


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