This is a game I learned from Sheila, over at JOURNEY THROUGH BOOKS.

I will make a stab at this game again.   Not having played in awhile, you can be sure that I’m probably rusty.

In fact, the first time I played, it was kind of lame!  LOL

But I so enjoy visiting other people’s blogs and playing along with them, so here’s my effort for today.

Flase: Someone who is a little bit flustered and therefore cannot quite articulate that he is “going through a flase.”

Decali: This is like a decal, but it is a small, even miniature version…therefore, a decali.

Procant: A person who wants to take back something he/she has said or done, but in a proactive way…therefore, he/she procants.

Docial: A form of docility, but with social overtones.

Carciate:  When someone would like to punish and therefore remove an individual from society, he says:  “I carciate you!”

Okay, even if you think my game was kind of lame (LOL), please join in, come here and comment, and link me to your games.


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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