shownofearOne of my favorite heroines—Nina Reilly— has returned, but this time, it is a prequel to the other adventures.

In Show No Fear: A Nina Reilly Novel, we learn about Nina before she became the attorney living in Tahoe and taking on the establishment, among other entities, and saving the day for so many clients.

In the beginning of this novel, Nina is a struggling single parent, attending law school and working as a paralegal for a law firm in Carmel, CA. Her mother, who lives in nearby Pacific Grove, is suffering a terminal and debilitating illness, some of which has worsened at the hands of an unscrupulous medical practitioner.

Seeking justice for her mother, Nina turns the case over to a brilliant attorney in her firm—Remy—who seems to have everything in hand. And then it all seemingly falls apart…The case seems unwinnable; the opposing counsel, who is also trying to gain joint custody of Nina’s child—he is the presumed father—is stalking Nina in his usual intimidating fashion; and Nina’s love life is almost nonexistent. But she does long for another attorney in the firm—Jack.

Amidst all of this, Nina’s drug addicted brother becomes a troubling addition to her load of worries.

When her mother falls—or is pushed—over a cliff, Nina becomes embroiled in the murder investigation.

From this point on, I could not read fast enough to find the answers. Who is the murderer? Is it one of the more obvious suspects, or is a surprise in store for Nina and her friends?

I am convinced you will want to read this intriguing book as well.


2 thoughts on “FEARLESS NINA REILLY IS ON THE CASE — A Review of “Show No Fear”

  1. I actually enjoy the other books more than this one (which was a prequel). In the later books, she has a law practice in Tahoe, which is interesting to me, having lived in Northern California for a few years.


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