THE LASTING DAMAGE OF BETRAYAL — A Review of “Another Mother’s Life”

anothermother'slifeBest friends Catherine and Alison shared everything—back when they were children and then teenagers—until one fateful summer. Now Catherine has a secret, one she holds close to her, reveling in its special glow. Because she knows that if she tells Alison, her beautiful, blond best friend, it will no longer be hers alone.

But then one day, they all meet—Catherine, her new love Marc, and Alison—and the secret is out.

Before the day has ended, their lives will tilt in a whole new direction. For Alison has decided that she must have Marc James for herself. She seduces him. They begin their own love affair. And within weeks, the two of them run off together.

Fifteen years later, Alison and Marc James are returning to Farmington, a village outside of London, with their three children and their wealthier lifestyle. For Marc has succeeded financially. They move into a huge, gorgeous house, and almost immediately, Marc insists on a splendid party for all of his new business associates and their new neighbors. But behind closed doors, their marriage and family life is crumbling. Alison has discovered that the man she had to have is nothing but a superficial shell—and he has cheated on her over and over. She is hanging in there, but doesn’t know if she can maintain the façade much longer.

Meanwhile, Catherine has had her own secret pain for all these years, revealed only to the man she eventually marries—Jimmy Ashley—who, incidentally, was Alison’s first crush before she decided she must have Marc. They have two daughters, but are currently separated. Catherine has never been able to fully give herself over to this man. A part of her still belongs to Marc.

Is each woman living “another mother’s life”? And what will happen when they finally come face to face at the party of the summer?

As the story unfolds, many layers are revealed, including the damage that one summer of foolish choices has wrought on each of them. They struggle, they cast aside some of the pain and vengefulness, and finally reach a place of understanding…Can they find true happiness at last?

An intriguing story of first love and the damage of betrayal, Another Mother’s Life depicts how people, no matter how flawed, can finally learn from their mistakes and rebuild their lives.


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