RavenscarDynastyBarbara Taylor Bradford’s Harte Dynasty series is one of my all-time favorites.

I had launched this Ravenscar Dynasty series by reading one out of order (Being Elizabeth), so I decided to back up and start at the beginning.

The Ravenscar Dynasty is set near the beginning of the twentieth century, in England, and sweeps across Europe at points along the journey. The Deravenel family is poised to reclaim its birthright as head of the company Deravenels.

This latest attempt to reclaim the company is propelled by the sudden deaths of several male members of the family—a father, an uncle, and two younger men—all believed to have been murdered by their bitter rivals, the Grants.

Edward Deravenel is now the logical new head of the family, and a cousin, Neville Watkins, is all set to mentor him and to assist in finding the ammunition to overthrow the company.

However, Edward is only eighteen years old and an inveterate womanizer. What chance does he have of taking control of such a huge dynasty?

Over the pages we learn of how these contenders accomplish this feat, and root for them as obstacles thrown in their path are defeated one by one.

Filled with the pursuit of power and passion, this novel takes us through a long-ago time; the ambition and treachery of this climb to power illuminates this dramatic epic saga.

Now I cannot wait to begin the next tale in this family adventure.

I deducted one star, because I could not really relate to the characters…but I did admire their ambitions and desires.

Laurel-Rain Snow
Author of: Miles to Go, etc.


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