OneSeptemberMorningOur story begins in Iraq, where we meet a mysterious, nameless and faceless character, who is gloating—yes, even exhilarating—in the death of someone who is popular, well-loved, and a soldier…

We next zero in on a young woman, Abby Fitzgerald, who is counting down the days until her husband, John Stanton, returns from Iraq.

In a startling tumble of events, the tragedy unfolds. A hero’s fall—supposedly gunned down by a sniper—and the pain and loss of family members as they receive the news are the immediate results.

Abby’s in-laws, Jim and Sharice Stanton; their daughter Madison, who questions the war in Iraq and even protests occasionally; and then Abby herself…all of them are reeling in the aftermath of this death. And then there is Noah, the younger brother, who is still in Iraq. He had enlisted, along with his brother, and now he is left…questioning everything he thought was right.

When the military establishment provides no answers—indeed, when there seems to be a cover-up—Abby, Madison, eventually even Sharice…each begin to search for their own resolution.

When Noah returns for the funeral, he seems more than a little distressed…so when he leaves afterwards, headed to Canada to join other “deserters” and “protesters,” even his father, a member of the military establishment himself—now retired—understands, even though he cannot agree.

But Emjay Brown, the soldier who was with John Stanton when he was shot, has a completely different version of events than the one the military is handing down…he claims that John was killed by “friendly fire”—and not only friendly, but someone in his own platoon.

What will the establishment do to prevent the truth from coming out? And why is someone, also back from Iraq, claiming to be John’s best friend, someone who suddenly seems to be moving in on Abby’s life and attempting to take it over, turning extremely bizarre as he moves in on John Stanton’s territory?

With each page I turned, the suspense intensified, until I could not turn them fast enough…to discover the truth, and to see resolution of the anguish for the survivors.

One September Morning is a poignant and timely tale of the wrongs that can be done in the name of “right.”



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