A TWIST IN THE “ROAD NOT TAKEN” TALE – A Review of “Time of My Life”

TimeofmyLifeWhat happens when a bored housewife and mother begins to question the road not taken? Is it too late to go back and undo the choices made in the past?

These questions plague Jillian Westfield, whose suburban life looks perfect on the surface—elegant meals, clutter-free closets, cherubic eighteen-month-old baby girl topped off by the gleaming Range Rover—all could be objects in a glossy ad.

So when Jillian wakes up one day to find herself transported seven years in the past, to the life she had then, she is disoriented, to say the least. But then she soars. She knows the answers to so many questions she had back then. In fact, she can create winning ads for her agency without a blink—after all, she did it all before. And she discovers that the obstacles she confronted in her relationship with then-boyfriend Jack are not so troubling after all, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight to guide her.

But when she begins to see history rewritten, but with some of the same details she met the first time around, she comes to another discovery—perhaps the mistakes of the past were not in the choices she did or did not make, but lie within herself. And is it too late to correct these errors and find true happiness after all?

Intriguing tale with a twist on the “second chances” theme,Time of My Life: A Novel is a compelling read.


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