WEB OF SECRETS & INTRIGUE – A Review of “The Neighbor”

TheNeighborWhen a young wife and mother disappears one night, several possible suspects begin to emerge. Of course, the husband is the first “person of interest,” soon to be followed by the neighbor—a registered sex offender—with a charming southern grandfather taking up a third position. And the four-year-old daughter Ree is seemingly the only witness.

Boston police officers and the media camp out on the street. As facts begin to surface, more and more confusion ensues. It seems that Jason and Sandra Jones have many secrets, and the layers that define their strange, yet seemingly perfect existence, cloud the investigation even further.

Now add to this mix a computer nerd and his uncle, a state police forensics expert, and the mystery deepens. Internet activities, secret lives and identities, and childhood traumas converge to yield exciting and dramatic twists to the puzzling events.

True to form, Lisa Gardner’s prose had me biting my nails, staying up late reading, and finally, when I turned the last page, I breathed that sigh of deep satisfaction. This author delivers so many layers and totally piques the interest with the hints of untold secrets; revealed gradually with the shifting point of view, she delivers snippets of the story via the voices of Sandra Jones, Aiden Brewster (the neighbor), Jason Jones, and the various police detectives. In the end, the complete picture is revealed, and as always, there are surprises. The Neighbor is definitely a fascinating read.


4 thoughts on “WEB OF SECRETS & INTRIGUE – A Review of “The Neighbor”

  1. I really like Lisa Gardner though I haven’t read anything by her in awhile. I actually got The Third Victim out of the library recently and discovered, not only had I already read it, but I own it. I will have to get to this one soon, I am on the library wait list for it.


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