A SPLIT SECOND OF CLARITY – A review of “Sleepwalking in Daylight”


What would you do if your once spirited and independent life morphed into something gray and routine? What if your once loving daughter seemingly transmogrified into a Goth stranger— someone who is sullen and angry and uncommunicative?

This is now Samantha Friedman’s world. And her husband, the man she once couldn’t live without, is going through the motions with her, until she feels…invisible.

And then one day, she meets a handsome stranger. They talk, they connect, and there is something alive springing up within her once again.

Meanwhile, Cammy (the adopted Goth daughter) is slowly spiraling downward into a place she may not come back from – a netherworld.

“Sleepwalking in Daylight” captures the spirit of lives spiraling out of control with such skill and poignancy that the reader can almost experience the deadening weight of it crushing down…And then one day, something horrific pulls everyone out of the deadening sameness.

And suddenly, life seems to spin around, turning in a whole new direction. The author describes it thus: “This is how it happens. A defining moment. Oprah would call it a lightbulb moment, an aha moment. This is that split second of clarity. This is me saying…enough. No more sleepwalking. Enough.”

A chilling portrayal of how everything in life can turn on a dime.


5 thoughts on “A SPLIT SECOND OF CLARITY – A review of “Sleepwalking in Daylight”

  1. OOH – this looks good!

    Im actually stopping by to let you know that you are one of the winners for the Julie Julia book! WOO HOO!!!!!!

    Shoot me an email with your mailing info and I can get that book on the way to you!

    Congratulations! 🙂


  2. the book looks good…albeit it does sound rather depressing though.I totally know how it feels when life is great one moment then something rears its’ ugly head and suddenly nothing isn’t so happy anymore. I hate that feeling. I suppose it’s what makes us stronger though.


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