Sweetheart-resizedcoverConnected by a strange and pathological obsession, the cop and the woman known as the Beauty Killer are in another cat-and-mouse game in Sweetheart, the sequel to Chelsea Cain’s Heartsick.

Is Archie Sheridan (the cop) hoping to finally capture Gretchen Lowell (the killer), when she escapes from captivity? Or is his compulsion related more to his twisted desire for her? Are they like two halves of the same soul? Are they destined to end up together, speeding toward some unimaginable hell?

These questions and more propel this story, while on other paths, detectives are trying to solve murders that are seemingly linked to a politically corrupt senator, who is rumored to have bedded his children’s babysitter when she was only fourteen.   And now unidentified dead bodies are popping up in parks, all of them connected to this same senator.

Susan Ward, the reporter hoping to break the fascinating story, becomes embroiled with the detectives in putting the pieces together, while also searching for Archie and Gretchen, who have disappeared.

Now that’s all I’m giving you, lest I spoil your fun.

Just like in the previous novel, I was biting my nails and flipping pages, reading late into the night. But now that I’ve turned the last page, and I know there’s still another book in this series, I think I’m exhausted. Too much. I’m done.

So while this tale is just as dizzying and fast paced as the previous one, there were some confusing elements that probably mean I have to read it again, to sort everything out. In the end, the author tied things up so quickly, that it felt—well, anti-climactic.

Thus…four stars.


6 thoughts on “TWO HALVES OF ONE SOUL

  1. No, I think you could read this one without the first…they mention some of the history from the first book in this one. Actually, it had been awhile since I read the first one, so it was almost like starting fresh when I read this one! lol.


  2. Beautiful! Way to go! I really love wordpress, it is easy and clean looking.

    I tried to leave a comment today on your Reflections Blog but the place where you put in the security word wouldn’t load all the way so it would not finalize. Weird. I tried a few times throughout the day. Thats the only place I had trouble.


  3. Thanks, Sheila. I’m still sorting things out here. I had trouble putting the book blog and bookaholics badge in here. I used the text widget, but it didn’t work. It just put the title of the badge and not the badge itself.??

    I also sometimes have trouble putting comments on the blogger sites. I have to play with it…sometimes I have to put in my URL instead of my user name. It doesn’t seem to make sense.

    I have been scrolling around and trying to learn things from other people’s sites. I’m determined to get better at all of this! lol.


  4. I read Heartsick a while back and was utterly enthralled with it!! Such a crazy, twisted book! I have this book in my TBR and am looking forward to continuing the series. I also can’t wait to get #3!!


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