Childhood friends, Abigail and Lila, are torn apart by a betrayal that leaves them each damaged in different ways for years to come.

Abigail, the daughter of the family housekeeper, strives to achieve something with her life, and after many years of struggle, she becomes a household name…a diva of domesticity…A brand name.  Her family life appears perfect, just like her domestic goddess kingdom, but underneath, more secrets and betrayals lurk.

Lila, worlds apart from Abigail in the beginning, as the daughter of a rich family, seemingly continues on this path, ending up with her handsome husband, beautiful Park Avenue apartment, and loving son.  Then, with one brutal stroke of luck—or karma—it is all taken away, and she is forced to seek employment just to sustain herself and her son. 

Which is why she finds herself, after numerous rejections, on the doorstep of her former friend.

When Abigail offers Lila a job as her housekeeper, it would seem like vengeance, or some kind of karmic justice.

Meanwhile, Lila’s twin brother Vaughn, a world traveler and Abigail’s teenage lover comes home with devastating news of his own.

The scene is set for drama, but everything seemingly spins out of control when a woman from Mexico begins wending her way to New York to avenge her daughter’s death.  A factory fire took the life of Concepcion’s daughter, Milagros, which Concepcion believes is the direct result of Abigail’s negligence.

Will the secrets and betrayals of the past finally come home to roost?  Will Abigail and Lila ever restore the bond they once shared?  What is going on with Abigail’s teenage daughter, and will her strange, obsessive preoccupation with Lila’s son turn into something even more troubling?  And finally, what culminating events will bring all of the characters together or forever tear them asunder?

An intriguing read, this story of domestic drama truly transcends the “domestic” to become 41XFVM+L0tL__SX106_a sweeping emotional tale of lives derailed and family secrets revealed.


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