An exploration of the characters in my novel “Embrace the Whirlwind.”whirlwindcoversm  Find this book HERE:

To say that the character, Amber Cushing, is tempestuous, impulsive and out-of-control would be an understatement. But after meeting her mother, and after learning more about her childhood experiences, it is much easier to understand, and perhaps even empathize, with the apparently wrong choices of her life. In fact, you may find yourself cheering her on in her quest for love and acceptance.

As she hurtles down one path or another, you will also meet others along the way:  characters like Denise Richardson, a retired social worker, who will also intrigue you as you realize that, underneath the apparently caring and professional demeanor, lie secrets and demons that challenge her on a daily basis. These “flaws” lend an authenticity to her personality, even as they grip us and challenge us to look deeper below the surface in all the characters.

Including the apparently uptight Hilary, Amber’s mother, who reveals a tempestuous side to her own past that brings a jolt of “a-ha” to our assessment of her.

Perhaps Martha is the character least understood and enjoyed. She seems too perfect, too orderly and tidy. But then we watch as she employs every machination in the book to get what she wants.

In the end, each character is more than a supporting cast for Amber. They each have a voice and they each play a role in the final outcome.


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