51WJhaZyVTL__SX106_Reminiscent of characters in the “Shopaholic” series, Rowan Coleman’s “Mommy by Mistake” follows the adventures of a thirty-something woman as she embarks on child rearing—unexpectedly.

When Natalie Curzon impulsively connects with a charming man—Jack Newhouse—and agrees to a weekend in Venice, she has no idea of the consequences that will unfold.  After the weekend is over, she hopes to see him again.  But he doesn’t call.  And then she discovers she is pregnant.

Fortunately, she is part-owner of a successful lingerie business and has a lovely house of her own.  Despite these blessings, however, she finds herself sinking into despair during the initial few weeks after her son’s birth; she has decided by then that she will never see or hear from Jack again.  And this new adventure is more difficult than she expected.

Then her life begins to change again when her home’s electrical system needs revamping and through her new electrician, she meets a whole series of new people—some of them other mothers—and a sisterhood connection develops.

But a seemingly harmless fabrication, followed by her embarrassingly flawed mother’s unexpected visit and the surprising reunion with her “baby daddy”—all will turn everything around.  Will she rebuild her relationship with her mother?  Will she be able to tell Jack about her baby Freddie?  And when will she be able to confess her cover story to her new friends?

This is a light-hearted book about serious topics.  Just when it seems depressing, the humor of the characters and the situations in which they find themselves creates a warm and funny tale of the unexpected twists and turns of life and new parenthood.


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